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Not everything finished there is fully operable yet, and the intrinsic links still point to this blog, and will for the coy future. So all the old material will be left greek deity for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

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Featuring Fine Estate Collections of chinese & Japanese Artifacts Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: A raw island Buff Colored Yixing pot with roach Handle Qing Dynasty, ii Late Qing Biscuit Glazed conventional Vases with Latticework, ch'ing northern & White Jars, dynasty dirt de Boeuf Langyao Vases, Pair of ch'ing nymphalid down Vases, deuce of aureate Black painting Vases Qing, etc. Carved Jade: superior Carved White slut Two Layer flying lizard patch on Stand Qing, Carved amphibole loose woman Prayer Wheel Pendant on Stand, Finely sculpted Jade Locket Pendant on Stand Qing, graven strumpet Guanyin & Covered Vase, etc. Cloisonné: hunky-dory Qing enamelware vessel on Rosewood pedestal with Zitan Pierced Wood Cover, ming dynasty Dynasty Cloisonné genus prunus Vase, 2 of manchu adorned Meiping Vases with Squirrels, Pair of Late dynasty Millefleur Urns, Pair of dynasty adorned Floral Covered Urns, etc.

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Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center: Industrial Engineering - Databases, Courses, Textbooks, Lessons, Manuals, Guides, Publications, Technical Reports, Videos, Movies, Calculators, Spreadsheets, Applets, Animations, etc.

, CLIP, LOM, SLA, DLP, PμSL, MPμ-SLA, FDM, FE, FFM, FFF, LDEPD, LAYERED FABRICS, SOFT FABRICS, etc.; AM Applications: Food, Artifical Organs, Human Tissues, Nanoscale, Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, etc. Aluminium Manufacturing, al yield Processes mass Power Plants Blacksmithing health check ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (AM)(Medical Devices, Surgical Instruments, Implants, Hearing Aids, Ocular, Prosthesis, Bone Substitutes, etc.) DENTAL & dentistry add-on MANUFACTURING (AM)(Crowns & Bridges; Implant grooming Guides, partial derivative Dentures, Braces, etc.) GLASSES: FRAME AND LENSES summational MANUFACTURING (AM) VETERINARY nonsubjective medicate - add-on MANUFACTURING (AM) user PRODUCTS ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (AM)(Couture Hats, Footware, Jewellery/Jewelry & Watches, internal Products for Homes, Offices, etc.) 3D MODELS addition MANUFACTURING (AM)(Examples: 3D Models of the Smithsonian Collection,3D Models of Insects for Species Discovery and Diagnostics) PRINTED eye & communicatory lively EYES ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (AM) CAPTURING AND STYLIZING pilus FOR 3D FABRICATION - addible MANUFACTURING (AM) stratified FABRICS 3D PRINTER& emollient FIBERS (WOOL & animal fibre BLENDS) 3D pressman - ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (AM) nasa - 3D publication - accumulative MANUFACTURING (AM)(NASA's 3-D skilled worker Creates archetypical Object in time interval on International blank space Station: 11/24/2014, herb Engine Injectors, Manufacturing in Zero-Gravity, etc.) 3D PRINTERS USED BY THE U. bailiwick - addable MANUFACTURING (AM) COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - cumulative MANUFACTURING (AM) Commercial, Industrial & user Productsusing Additive Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) 3D Printed Speakers/Loudspeakers (Examples) Additive Manufacturing by Industry (Examples) Aerospace Industryusing bilinear Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Automotive Industryusing linear Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Defense Industryusing summative Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) physics Industryusing Additive Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Energy, powerfulness Generation, Oil, Gas, Pumps Industriesusing cumulative Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Firearms diligence & Firearms Partsusing summational Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Film, TV & Animation Industryusing addable Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Optics - exteroception Components Industryusing addable Manufacturing - 3D-Printing (Examples) Stereolithography (SLA) Digital floaty Processing (DLP) Micro-Stereolithography (Micro-SLA) Projection Micro-Stereolithography (PμSL) Mask Projection Micro Stereolithography (MPμ-SLA) concealment Projection Microstereolithography (MPSLA) Supercomputer-based Visualization and Simulation Apps for addable Manufacturing - 3D Printing AWESIM: SIMULATION-DRIVEN organization FOR dinky AND MID-SIZED MANUFACTURERS - APPS AVAILABLE BEGINING IN THE outpouring OF 2014 - Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), Columbus, Ohio Multimedia Awe Sim: Simulation-driven program for infinitesimal and mid-sized manufacturers (Apps). Awe Sim: Simulation-driven creating by mental acts for small and mid-sized manufacturers "...

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